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Privacy Policy


Our company, with a view in creating an online store, may keep a record and process any user data (such as name, address, telephone number or e-mail) aiming at the best service between the company and the customer, as well as to the functional and computerized service of its trading relationship for statistical or historical reasons, which will be included on our website only if such data are provided upon his consent. If the customer agrees to the above paragraph, that is the observance and processing of his Personal Data as defined herein, then it is expressly stated that at any time he reserves the right to get information or object to the further processing of his Personal Data, in accordance to Articles 11 and 13 of Law 2472/97 on the Protection of Personal Data. For the exercise of this right, each user may contact with the company at the following e-mail address (e-mail [email protected]). It is reasonable that if a user provides his or her Personal Data voluntarily, the Company may use this information. The Company may use this information, unless otherwise specified, in the following ways: Retaining and processing these information leads to better understanding of the users' needs and consumers in general and to further improve the Company's products and services, for future communication with users, and for providing possible third parties cooperating with the Company with collective - but not individual or personalized - information about visitors or users of the website. All documents and electronic data to be exchanged between the parties shall be kept by the company or the processors on its behalf for as long as it is foreseen. The customer can access them if he desires so.


We collect information based on the use of our products and services; more specifically, we collect the information required for purchasing our products or using our services. This is to improve customer service by keeping track of history, to provide services for immediate package delivery, to be updated with the appropriate services.


The Company does not intend to collect any personal data from individuals under the age of 18; parents should be aware of the Company's Privacy Policy, record-keeping and processing of Personal Data performed by the company.


Cookies are small text files that are stored in our browser while browsing the web. Their purpose is to notify the site visited by the user for his previous activity. They usually describe details, in order for the website to "remembers" us when we visit it again. Cookies may come from the site we have visited. They are usually harmless, and if the user wishes to remove them, he can do so through the web browser.